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  • Friday Science Bites, 7/29/16

    Another Friday . . .  another installment of Friday Science Bites . . .  Scientists believe it’s sound that causes the soaring temperatures on Jupiter’s great red spot Fascinating article on the applications of venom from poisonous creatures to heal maladies ranging from tumors to diabetes Ancient DNA sequencing has come a long way — and is […]

  • Chemistry
  • Why Copper?

    I read a compelling headline in yesterday’s Wall Street Journal:  Paging Dr. Copper: Metal Wins Fans in Health Care It actually wasn’t so much the headline that grabbed my attention, but the caption in the accompanying infographic: Beating Bacteria: Research shows bacterial colonies are generally more prevalent on non-copper substances. Fascinating!  The infographic goes on […]

  • Fridays
  • Friday Science Bites

    Here it is!  My first Friday Science Bites.  And thankfully, a quick google search shows I have not inadvertently plagiarized. As promised, here is a collection of links on cool science content I read this week.  It’s official — computers are better than humans at recognizing pictures of strawberries and balloons, detecting malignant tumors, and […]