Friday Science Bites

Here it is!  My first Friday Science Bites.  And thankfully, a quick google search shows I have not inadvertently plagiarized. As promised, here is a collection of links on cool science content I read this week.

  1.  It’s official — computers are better than humans at recognizing pictures of strawberries and balloons, detecting malignant tumors, and combing through legal documents.
  2. Excitingly, a new cache of an important element has been discovered, easing concerns on how MRIs and birthday parties as we know them might continue.
  3. It seems everything today is happening faster than ever before.  But evolution itself?  Perhaps not.
  4. Those sketch artists at the precinct we see in crime shows?  In the future, DNA might inform their work more than a witness’ description.
  5. The story of the Greek goddess Niobe is a tragic one, but things are looking up for its namesake.


Have a great weekend.



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    Keep em’ coming! And thank you for the round up!

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