Friday Science Bites, 9/23/16

  1. In the era of 3D printing, it’s hard to imagine glassblowing as anything beyond a baroque pursuit.  However, glassblowing is responsible for much of the glassware that supports modern science.  This article takes us behind the scenes of glassblowing in service of scientific research.
  2. Evidence that pigeons can recognize text . . .
  3. Everything you need to know about fall.  (Including that on only two days of the year are night and day equally split into 2 12-hour time chunks . . .)
  4. For insight into the creative process, check out this review of a new book on the subject.  Highlights:  long showers, trying new things, and even trauma can be essential to creative flow.
  5. And finally, my favorite from the last week — the importance of kids getting dirty!  Parents everywhere (i.e., in the urban US) should heave a sigh of relief about these recommendations to ease up on our cleanliness standards.

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