Friday Science Bites, 8/5/16

Enjoy the weekend!

  1. Ok, this man is my hero.  I was elated to find that James Kennedy has assembled a collection of ingredient lists of the most “natural” foods you can find, and guess what?  They are laden with “chemicals”!  Kennedy’s lists help debunk the notions that chemicals are bad, and that natural foods do not contain them.
  2. CRISPR has lead science news headlines for the past year.  This article is the best I’ve seen on communicating the sheer power and scope of this technology.  The details of HOW the technology works are fuzzy, but leave that to me in a future post.
  3. Bacteria seem to growing more and more adaptable.  Here’s a look at evidence for microbes that can live off of electricity.
  4. These scientists are considering cheating on their fruit flies.
  5. Love them or hate them, these pests could emerge as a new source of rubber.

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