Friday Science Bites 8/26/16

This week in science . . . or rather, what I read this week . . .

  1.  Know how yoga and pilates seem to make you feel more relaxed, but always thought it was kind of woo-woo?  Not anymore.  Here is evidence showing exactly how strengthening the core muscles leads to a more peaceful mind.  Fascinating!  Next time you are stressed, don’t try to think or breathe yourself out of it, just do some planks!
  2. In a similar vein, want to feel happier at work and contribute more?  Try singing along to Yellow Submarine.
  3. An in-progress tear bank will soon help us understand what is actually in our tears, how it varies, and what myriad purposes tears might serve.
  4. Science questions for the presidential candidates.  Apparently, Obama, McCain, and Romney all answered them for the 2008 and 2012 elections.  Hopefully our candidates this year will make the Sept 6 deadline.
  5. And finally, a gaffe!  This article claims that mixing an acid and a base will cause an explosion.  Not true!  It will actually cause the opposite . . . a neutralization of anything dangerous.

And a teaser for next week . . . the discovery of a planet orbiting Proximi Centauri!

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