Friday Science Bites, 7/22/16

A few links from the world of science . . .

  1.  Turns out rats love to be tickled, and that tickling makes them more likely to see the glass as half– err, the maze as half-playground?
  2. Saw Ghostbusters last night.  Beyond the thrill of hearing a woman utter the words “isotopic decay” in a major motion picture, turns out some real scientists weighed in on the film . . . .
  3. Looks like this is a little out-of-date, but I just came upon it this week: a correlation of autoimmune disease with solar cycles.  Yes, nearly everything can be correlated with everything else but this comes out of a place near and dear to me, so might be worth doing a double take.
  4. Major new Bronze Age archaeological site discovered in England.  I do have to chuckle at its nickname — “Britain’s Pompeii”.  At least it’s not something like “the Harvard of archaeological sites”!
  5. I just heard about Galaxy Zoo’s 9th birthday.  No, this is not the name of some celebrity’s child, but a crowdsourcing/citizen science movement in which regular people, like you and me, sift through images of space and help to identify galaxies.  Check it out!  (For now, this seems to be one arena in which humans are superior to machines . . . )

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